Real Estate Portal by CustomSoft

Real Estate Portal developed by CustomSoft allows users to post property for sale as well as search sort property and contact its dealers online.

This customized Real Estate App introduced by CustomSoft allows the buyers to verify a sellers profile and view his past deal experiences from other user reviews on his profile.


Real Estate System introduced by CustomSoft consists of a user login, users may look for property as per area, BHK, Location as well as other things like lift, furnished, semi-furnished etc.

Our Web based Real Estate System also consists of an innovative feature that allows users to post reviews of the dealing process with a buyer after their deal.

Users may also post a property for sale along with desired price, location and contact details. The system also consists of a builder login where a builder may login and post his new project for those looking to buy new flats/offices.


  • Enquiry, Registration and login
  • Property Availability
  • Easy accounts handling
  • Accurate report generation possible
  • Database security
  • Photo / Video Gallery
  • Map Facility
  • Add to wish list
  • Feedback and success stories columns


  • It saves user time that is wasted in search of required property.
  • User can check reliability of a user before dealing with them.
  • This system is effective and saves time, efforts and cost of users.
  • Sellers can also easily find a buyer for their property easily by posting ads.
  • Easy registration.

CustomSoft is a complete Software Services Provider Company based in India. CustomSoft provides full range of Software development services like Web Design and Development for Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Real Estate, Shipping, Logistic, E-Learning Solution and other IT related works . CustomSoft provide complete IT business solutions to organization who would like to have a Web presence for Business.

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Construction CRM Software developed by CustomSoft


CustomSoft developed a core product platform that combines a group of integrated modules that together provide a comprehensive and complete solution for the end users. This Customized Software can also be bought and run in components or modules which can be added on as a plug-and-play architecture.

This Software is designed difftently having Modules of Business Development, Legal compliances, Liaison, Purchase and Sales, Finance, Payroll and HR, report, document Management

Modules in brief:

 Business Development-

  • Create Property Info and capture Land Details
  • Location details
  • Google map integration
  • Tenant Management

Legal Compliance-

  • Review and Attach Legal documents like Sale Deeds, Contracts, etc…
  • Court Case management – Enter and update Court case Hearing Dates, alerts, etc…
  • Manage Lawyers and Solicitor information.
  • Budgets and Payments for Legal, Sanctions and related work orders


  • Review and Attach Sanction Details to Properties, Land, etc…
  • Enter documentation templates and letters required for Standard -NOCs, Clearances
  • Enter Payment information related to each clearance and sanction
  • Create a Budget and manage to that budget with respect to clearances from Government agencies

Purchase and Sales-

  • All purchase, sales, inventory records maintain


  • All accounting details- petty expenses, bank transactions, Offers and discounts, Receipts generation
  • Payment gateways for customers

Payroll and HR-

  • Employee Management,- Salary, appraisals, leave records, Statutory compliances

Document Management

  • To scan and maintain all the necessary documents

 Report Generation

  • Accurate report generation of all the modules mentioned above

About CustomSoft

CustomSoft is a complete Software Services Provider Company based in India.

CustomSoft provides full range of Software development services like Website Design and Development for Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Real Estate, Shipping, Logistic, E-Learning Solution and other IT related works.

CustomSoft provide complete IT business solutions to organization who would like to have a Web presence for Business. CustomSoft is working for US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa to provide the customized Software Solution

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Grocery Shopping Android App by CustomSoft


Using Grocery Shopping Android App user can order and purchase groceries online. Grocery Shopping Android App is user friendly software with attractive User Interface. This software provides wide range of groceries. User can select any of them and put it in his cart. User can make secure payment using debit/credit cards.


Secure accounting

Wide range of products


Payment gateway

Discounts and offers

Payment confirmation and dispatch of product details through sms

Notification and alerts through SMS and email

Compatible for Android and iphone devices

User friendly and time saving software

Review and feedback

About CustomSoft

CustomSoft is a leading software development company having expertise in customized software development. CustomSoft develops software for more than 22 countries all over the world including US, UK, Canada, Austrelia, Malaysia, and South Africa.

CustomSoft having wide range of Software in Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Ecommerce, ERP, CRM

Key factor behind success of CustomSoft is efficient team of developers and continual support from team. CustomSoft is successful to achieve 100% of client satisfaction by providing cost effective and high quality customized software.

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Exam Cell Automation system by CustomSoft


Now a days exam process has lot of paper work. To reduce the paper work and to save time CustomSoft has developed Exam Cell Automation System.

This system has user and Admin Interface. In User Interface students can enroll themselves into the system by registering with name, email id, contact details, course name, and semester details etc


System will generate hall ticket for the registered students. User can view and print the hall ticket. Admin can prepare set of papers and after exam admin can enter marks in the mark sheet of respective students.



Secured account details

User friendly

Payment gateway to pay examination fees

Report generation

Time saving software

Add Update, delete functionality

Compatible with Android and iphone devices


About CustomSoft:

CustomSoft is a leading Software Development company having expertise in development of customized software. CustomSoft is working for international clients from 20 different countries including US. UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa. Custom Soft has cost effective Software solutions in Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Ecommerce, ERP, CRM and many more.

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Best App to order food online


Custom soft has extensive experience in building online portals. It makes us easy to understand client requirement and provide them innovative and most suitable solutions.

Online businesses like food ordering and Food processing are growing by huge numbers each day. With everything going digital and we help our clients in global practices to make everything fall into one place.

If you want your food business to stand the competition, it needs a significant opening. Your audience wants your word to be delivered right in the manner they need, they expect – something online and mobile. Hence, the idea of Online Food Portal comes in a picture.

There are three types of users in online food ordering portal:

  1. Admin

  2. Suppliers/Owners

  3. Front end user-Customer

List of features of online food ordering portal:

A) Admin

·        Content Management

·        Advertise Management

·        Location Management

·        Commission Management

·        Backup & Restore Database

·        Message to Customer/ Restaurants

·        Category Management

·        Change Password

·        Add, Edit & Delete to Almost Everything

·        Automatic short listing & Email Alerts to Registered Users

B) Suppliers/Owners

·        Manage Restaurant Menu

·        Message to Customer

·        Manage Opening days & Time

·        Manage Special Offers

·        Manage Delivery Areas

·        Customer Order Status

·        Multiple Payment Gateways

·        Multiple language Support

·        Social Media Engagement

·        Coupon Code generation

·        Social Networking Connectivity

·        Automatic short email listing for Newsletter Sending

C) Customer panel

·        Location-Based Search Parameter

·        Newsletter subscription and email notification system

·        Configure email setting and preference

·        Social networking connectivity

·        Reorder Any Previous Order

·        Track and Trace Orders

·        Tell a Friend Option

·        Multiple Online Payment Getaways

·        Secure Coupon Code Purchase

Business Benefits of online food ordering portal:

·        3 Easy Steps to Order for Your Customers

  • Manage Customer Requests

·        Get Paid Online

  • Respond To Orders Fast

  • Make Yourself Reachable

  • Build Your Brand

·        Multi Location Food Chains

·        Be a Part of Well-Managed Reporting

We at custom soft offer you the most convenient and conventional ways to take the orders customized to your business needs.


About Custom Soft:

Custom Soft, customize web and mobile app development company based in Pune, India. We work in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Netherland, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

We have experience of working for industries like healthcare, Real estate, Retail, hospitality, insurance, E-learning, E-commerce, Social media. We have delivered 1000+ customize applications. We assure our clients highly customization, Reliability, timely delivery at lowest cost. We have achieved 100% client satisfaction in last few years.

Our technology expertise in: JAVA, PHP, .Net, Delphi, xojo, Joomla, ASP .Net, VB, VB.Net.

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Mobile Application for your business


In this era of technology every small and large business has app. Just to be at customers finger tip every one like grocers to sportswear companies, florist, food joints and everyone in between. All providers of services and products, big or small, seem to be going down the app route.

 Why every business these days needs an app? Is it just to limiting the competition or are the benefits of mobile app development are tempting? The answer is definitely   the latter, because having an app for business provides a bundle of benefits, and these benefits ultimately leads to business growth.

 How app work as catalyst for business growth:

  1. Expanding reach: A mobile App can go beyond all geographical and demographic boundaries. Having an app allows you to potentially reach the 2.8 billion global smartphone users. So in this era of smartphone dominated times, Going mobile is the best way to expand your consumer base.
  2. Stay connected with customers 24/7: With customize and dedicated mobile app development you become available to your customers round the clock which results in more opportunities.
  3. Direct platform for sales: You can sell your products directly through the medium of app. Customers anytime can place orders anywhere. It is not restricted to when your physical shop is open either.
  4. Direct marketing channel: Tailore made app which is integrated with messaging, chatting, emailing, etc which will allow customers directly contact you.
  5. Build your brands, easily: With the help of application you can position your company as a brand in market. For e.g. If you have Android and iOS application for your business you will be available for largest audience bases.
  6. Understanding your consumer: Apps provide all sorts of insightful information regarding your consumers. One can also get to see buying or engagement patterns, what aspects of your product catalogue entices your customer, and which parts still need working on.

     7. Showcase product and inventories with detail visuals: Showcase available          properties in more innovative ways details through text, image, video, audio, 3D-viewing, slides etc.

     8. Tailored customer service: You can also offer individual discounts to customer on birthdays or anniversaries automatically, provide seasonal promotions based on where the customers are based, and much more. Rewards programs such as loyalty points can be digitized and dispensed straight through the app.

With so many benefits that directly result in business growth, it is no surprise then that businesses across the country and the world are turning towards Apps. After all, in a world where competition is so severe, having the kind of edge that an App provides could just be the deciding factor between successful or failed business ventures.

So, we’ve established that Apps can help to enhance businesses growth. And we, at Custom Soft help businesses find that growth. We have reliable mobile applications for Apple, Android for all other major platforms for our clients from industries like healthcare, e-commerce, Real estate, e-learning, branding & visibility, education, etc. We have developed almost 150+ mobile applications, and we have almost 2500+ users of actual users from the entire world.

Are you ready to the reach the next levels?

Our customize application development for industries like: Healthcare, Real estate, Retail, hospitality, insurance, E-learning, E-commerce, Social media.

Our technology expertise in: JAVA, PHP, .Net, Delphi, xojo, Joomla, ASP .Net, VB, VB.Net

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Recruitment Portal by Custom-Soft India

Those days are gone where you can get jobs by reading advertisement in newspapers, visiting office personally, submitting handwritten resumes again many follow ups for feedback.. Nowadays, there is rat race in every professional field. Recruitment Portal developed by Custom Soft is dedicated for online information about employers as well as job seekers.

Online Recruitment Portal is the system where Job Seeker can search various jobs and apply for the same. Employers can also post the details of job requirements and Job description.

Modules of Custom Soft Job Portal system:

  1. Administrator : Admin can manage employer as well as job seekers.
  2. Employer :Employer can manage only his account and can see and download bio data of the candidates but cannot modify it
  3. Job Seeker: job seekers can see all the job vacancies and can apply as per their interest

Functionality of Custom Soft Job Portal system:

  • Admin can confirm or decline both the users- employer // job seeker
  • Admin will get user access status and usage especially for employers
  • Employer can post job description
  • Employer can see and download CVs of the candidates
  • Can send mass mail at a time to large number of people
  • Employer can save and sent various job templates as per requirement
  • Employer can sort and save shortlisted CVs
  • Employer can convert search into excel or pdf format
  • Job Seeker can manage his account, search and apply for various jobs

Benefits of Custom Soft Job Portal system”

Attractive UI

User Friendly

Time Saving

Large number of database available

Trusted account Management

Easy to manage accounts

Compatible with all devices

Cost Effective

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