Online Ticketing Software by CustomSoft


                  In customer service, a ticketing takes incoming customer requests for support and automatically generates a customer service ticket. CustomSoft customize ticketing system that work as a shared inbox for all your customers’ questions and concerns.

               This way, no matter what channel the customer uses to contact the company-email, chat, Twitter, etc.-the support agent is always provided with a consistent ticket, making ticket management much easier for the agent to help the customer more quickly solve the issue to their satisfaction.

CustomSoft Online Ticketing System Software best features are:

  • Fully Customizable
  • Scalable and Secure
  • Venue Management
  • Broker Management
  • Seating Map Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Ticket Class Manager
  • Ticket Items with flexible Tax options and reporting (Sales Tax, LET Tax, Local, County Tax)
  • Agent Box Office (POS and Barcode Scanning)
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Promo Systems

About custom soft:

  • Delivered 500+ applications till date
  • 15+ E-learning apps development experience.
  • Achieved 100% client satisfaction
  • 1000+ actual application user across the world.
  • We work in USA, UK, Canada, and Australia and all over the world.
  • Delivered successfully to 75 Business Enterprises, Educational Institutions and Universities.

Our customize application development for industries like: Healthcare, Real estate, Retail, hospitality, insurance, E-learning, E-commerce, Social media.

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Real Estate Portal by CustomSoft

Real Estate Portal developed by CustomSoft allows users to post property for sale as well as search sort property and contact its dealers online.

This customized Real Estate App introduced by CustomSoft allows the buyers to verify a sellers profile and view his past deal experiences from other user reviews on his profile.


Real Estate System introduced by CustomSoft consists of a user login, users may look for property as per area, BHK, Location as well as other things like lift, furnished, semi-furnished etc.

Our Web based Real Estate System also consists of an innovative feature that allows users to post reviews of the dealing process with a buyer after their deal.

Users may also post a property for sale along with desired price, location and contact details. The system also consists of a builder login where a builder may login and post his new project for those looking to buy new flats/offices.


  • Enquiry, Registration and login
  • Property Availability
  • Easy accounts handling
  • Accurate report generation possible
  • Database security
  • Photo / Video Gallery
  • Map Facility
  • Add to wish list
  • Feedback and success stories columns


  • It saves user time that is wasted in search of required property.
  • User can check reliability of a user before dealing with them.
  • This system is effective and saves time, efforts and cost of users.
  • Sellers can also easily find a buyer for their property easily by posting ads.
  • Easy registration.

CustomSoft is a complete Software Services Provider Company based in India. CustomSoft provides full range of Software development services like Web Design and Development for Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Real Estate, Shipping, Logistic, E-Learning Solution and other IT related works . CustomSoft provide complete IT business solutions to organization who would like to have a Web presence for Business.

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CustomSoft Dealership Management Software


       CustomSoft Dealership Management Software will help you increase revenue from sales and service. You can boost gross profit by saving your time and reducing your advertising expenses. This is one solution for all of your dealership’s departments.

       Customized Dealership Management Software by CustomSoft helps to produces results that of increased sales, higher gross and improved customer satisfaction and better service. Now you can able to set appointments and initiate chat and text conversations with consumers.

Features Checklist

  • Registration and Enquiry
  • 3D Image and Video
  • Accounting
  • Collections Management
  • Customer Database
  • Financing Management
  • Form Printing
  • Inventory Management
  • Online Inventory
  • Sales Management
  • Service Department
  • Payroll Management
  • Discount and Offers
  • Report Generation
  • Performance Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review and Feedback

         CustomSoft is providing high-quality, cost effective custom software development and many business related outsourcing services to industries and enterprises around world. CustomSoft is custom offshore software outsourcing company with expertise in outsourced product development & enterprise application development services.

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Medical practitioner Android App by CustomSoft

       Medical practitioner Android App by CustomSoft is a Web-based medical billing and practice management solution which is useful for physicians. This Mobile Application suits small practices and billing companies. With Customized Practice Management Android App you can confirm insurance, manage delinquent accounts and the collections process, store patient documents, and develop customized reports and more.



  • Registration and login
  • Online Patient Form
  • Enquiry and Registration
  • Doctors Appointment
  • Doctor’s information
  • Trusted Database Management
  • Patient Data Access
  • Insurance Management
  • Patient Record Management
  • Patient Report Management
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review and Feedback


  • Attractive UI
  • User Friendly
  • Cost Effective

         CustomSoft is complete Software and Mobile Applications Provider Company based in India. CustomSoft provide complete IT business solutions to organization who would like to have a Web presence for Business.

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Customized Insurance Software by CustomSoft


             CustomSoft developed more than 100 applications for client. In order to find the right customers and keep them, insurers must be better for understanding them – their data, their needs and their way of thinking. So to solve this big issue CustomSoft launched Health Insurance Software for client.

             Being active in the health insurance software development industry for a long time, CustomSoft knows all the software practical issues and so the best source to get the reliable software for health insurance.

         CustomSoft is having talented team to develop software in various domains. CustomSoft is successfully moving with the principle of client satisfaction and high quality software.

Benefits of developing Health care software solution with Custom Soft:

  • Solution developed from client’s point of view
  • Solution combining many systems into one application for improved manageability.
  • Health care insurance software systems reduce maintenance cost by reducing downtime.
  • Single database for overall data residing which minimize response time for customer query.
  • Insurance software solution standardizes the administrative process for all clients.
  • Automate manual task by delivering important and efficient benefits in services.

Healthcare Software:

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Customized Vendor Management Software India

         Customized Vendor Management Software India helps you to manage all your vendor information, such as contact information, financials, contracts, and insurance certificates. The system also provides comprehensive on-time notifications of critical expiration and due dates.



  • Vendor Information
  • Information about all Vendor contracts stored in the system.
  • Highlights Vendors and Contracts that are missing information and reviews such as classifications and contract expiration dates.
  • List of documents requested from vendors but not yet received.
  • Vendor Management Summary

CustomSoft’s Core Values:

  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Client Satisfaction
  • Reliability and Trust
  • 24/7 Support from CustomSoft Team
  • Professional project handling by skilled developers
  • Workflow Transparency
  • Dedication & Honesty

   In today’s world, organizations are rapidly changing themselves for customer needs. CustomSoft is well known Software Development Company. CustomSoft helps customers to do business better with the help of deep technology expertise.

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Workflow Management System by CustomSoft

                     software development company CustomSoft
      Workflow Management System is not only useful to improve the efficiency of your employees but also to free up your time and ensure every employee is clear about what he/she need to work.
    CustomSoft provides full range of Software development services like Website Design and Development for Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Hotel, Real Estate, Shipping, Logistic, E-Learning Solution and other IT related works.

Features Provided by CustomSoft in Workflow Management System


  • Assign Role
  • Date and Time Management
  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Notifications
  • Workflow Check
  • Process Approval
  • Compliance Management
  • Graphical Workflow
  • Resource Management
  • Assign Next Task
  • Review and Feedback


  • Register
  • Alerts
  • Work on Assigned Task
  • Submit Task for Review
  • Comments and Feedback


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