Grocery Shopping Android App by CustomSoft


Using Grocery Shopping Android App user can order and purchase groceries online. Grocery Shopping Android App is user friendly software with attractive User Interface. This software provides wide range of groceries. User can select any of them and put it in his cart. User can make secure payment using debit/credit cards.


Secure accounting

Wide range of products


Payment gateway

Discounts and offers

Payment confirmation and dispatch of product details through sms

Notification and alerts through SMS and email

Compatible for Android and iphone devices

User friendly and time saving software

Review and feedback

About CustomSoft

CustomSoft is a leading software development company having expertise in customized software development. CustomSoft develops software for more than 22 countries all over the world including US, UK, Canada, Austrelia, Malaysia, and South Africa.

CustomSoft having wide range of Software in Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Ecommerce, ERP, CRM

Key factor behind success of CustomSoft is efficient team of developers and continual support from team. CustomSoft is successful to achieve 100% of client satisfaction by providing cost effective and high quality customized software.

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Mobile Application for your business


In this era of technology every small and large business has app. Just to be at customers finger tip every one like grocers to sportswear companies, florist, food joints and everyone in between. All providers of services and products, big or small, seem to be going down the app route.

 Why every business these days needs an app? Is it just to limiting the competition or are the benefits of mobile app development are tempting? The answer is definitely   the latter, because having an app for business provides a bundle of benefits, and these benefits ultimately leads to business growth.

 How app work as catalyst for business growth:

  1. Expanding reach: A mobile App can go beyond all geographical and demographic boundaries. Having an app allows you to potentially reach the 2.8 billion global smartphone users. So in this era of smartphone dominated times, Going mobile is the best way to expand your consumer base.
  2. Stay connected with customers 24/7: With customize and dedicated mobile app development you become available to your customers round the clock which results in more opportunities.
  3. Direct platform for sales: You can sell your products directly through the medium of app. Customers anytime can place orders anywhere. It is not restricted to when your physical shop is open either.
  4. Direct marketing channel: Tailore made app which is integrated with messaging, chatting, emailing, etc which will allow customers directly contact you.
  5. Build your brands, easily: With the help of application you can position your company as a brand in market. For e.g. If you have Android and iOS application for your business you will be available for largest audience bases.
  6. Understanding your consumer: Apps provide all sorts of insightful information regarding your consumers. One can also get to see buying or engagement patterns, what aspects of your product catalogue entices your customer, and which parts still need working on.

     7. Showcase product and inventories with detail visuals: Showcase available          properties in more innovative ways details through text, image, video, audio, 3D-viewing, slides etc.

     8. Tailored customer service: You can also offer individual discounts to customer on birthdays or anniversaries automatically, provide seasonal promotions based on where the customers are based, and much more. Rewards programs such as loyalty points can be digitized and dispensed straight through the app.

With so many benefits that directly result in business growth, it is no surprise then that businesses across the country and the world are turning towards Apps. After all, in a world where competition is so severe, having the kind of edge that an App provides could just be the deciding factor between successful or failed business ventures.

So, we’ve established that Apps can help to enhance businesses growth. And we, at Custom Soft help businesses find that growth. We have reliable mobile applications for Apple, Android for all other major platforms for our clients from industries like healthcare, e-commerce, Real estate, e-learning, branding & visibility, education, etc. We have developed almost 150+ mobile applications, and we have almost 2500+ users of actual users from the entire world.

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Our customize application development for industries like: Healthcare, Real estate, Retail, hospitality, insurance, E-learning, E-commerce, Social media.

Our technology expertise in: JAVA, PHP, .Net, Delphi, xojo, Joomla, ASP .Net, VB, VB.Net

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