Student Attendance System by Barcode Scan developed by CustomSoft


Student Attendance System by Barcode Scan developed by CustomSoft is one of the best selling software in all the institutes. CustomSoft developed a well featured and user friendly software to take down students’ attendance using Barcode scan.

The project is a system that takes down students’ attendance using barcode. Every student is provided with a card containing a unique barcode. Each barcode represents a unique id of students. Students just have to scan their cards using barcode scanner and the system notes down their attendance as per dates. System then stores all the students’ attendance records and generates defaulter list. It also generates an overall report in excel sheet for admin.



  • Admin Login
  • Accuracy in attendance records
  • Time saving
  • Report generation
  • Easy to get list of defaulters
  • No need to maintain paper work as all records will be saved electronically
  • Review and Feedbacks
  • Payment Gateway


CustomSoft is having huge experience in customized Software development.

CustomSoft is an offshore software development company working for USA, UK, and CANADA & EUROPE based clients also working for more than 15 different countries.
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Online Fast Food Order App by CustomSoft


Customized Software Online Fast food order app is mainly developed for customers who want to avail of quick food service. This was conceptualized precisely for people on the go, individuals who want to eat pizza or any kind of Fast food without the usual waiting time.

This project is developed mainly for fast food centers. Main pizza corners, snacks centers or any small fast food centers. Any one directly they can register in this, then the admin will treat them as their customers. So at that time onwards the user directly can login into this and he can get the food items by his order. Through this project we are providing more user interaction. Proposed System:

Modules of Online Fast Food Order App

  • Admininistrator login
  • User Login
  • Menu list which pricing
  • Estimated time for delivery
  • Discounts and offers
  • Reports and feedback

Benefits of Online Fast Food Order App-

  • User Friendly with Attractive UI
  • No risk for mismanagement as menu and price is fix
  • POS system implemented

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