Heart Disease Prediction System by CustomSoft


It might have happened so many times that you or someone yours need doctors help immediately, but they are not available due to some reason.

The Heart Disease Prediction application is an end user support and online consultation project. Here, we propose a web application that allows users to get instant guidance on their heart disease through an intelligent system online.

The application is fed with various details and the heart disease associated with those details. The application allows user to share their heart related issues. It then processes user specific details to check for various illnesses that could be associated with it.

Here we use some intelligent data mining techniques to guess the most accurate illness that could be associated with patient’s details. Based on result, the can contact doctor accordingly for further treatment. The system allows user to view doctor’s details too. The system can be used for free heart disease consulting online.

Advantages of Heart Disease Prediction software by CustomSoft-

  • Instant doctors help
  • Video call available
  • Doctors can get more patients
  • Quick and accurate medication available
  • User Friendly
  • Cost Effective


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Restaurant Application Software by CustomSoft

Restaurant App Development by Custom soft

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Restaurant one of the most crowded place where everyone is in hurry, they want their order should be placed fast and faster the billing should be. The biggest challenges in restaurant industry are order entry management, recipe costing, track & documentation of its perishable inventory. The major problem is the adjustment of different menus & prices with respect to different time. Custom Soft has solved the problem of restaurant industry by developing its Custom Soft Restaurant Software which helps in maintaining different menus with different price list for different times of day; it also made billing easier by providing different modes of payments (cash & credit cards).
List of Features of Custom Soft’s Best Restaurant Application:

Why Custom soft’s 50+ Restaurant App in the market.

  • 500+ actual users all over the world.
  • Restaurant professionals will be able to streamline 50-60% routine work.
  • Reduce cost of daily operations by 85%.
  • Increase revenue by 70-80% per year.

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