Smart City Traveler App by CustomSoft


Customized Smart City Traveler App developed by CustomSoft is very helpful for travelers to locate nearby tourist. This app is very user friendly that anyone having this app can easily operate its functions.

First of all users need to register themselves using android devices. After successful registration user will be asked few things like place user going to visit and time. System automatically comes up with the tourist places, boarding details, transport fairs, time to reach the destination etc. User can book any Hotel as per convenience and pay online. Once user make payment user will get SMS notification.


  • Register/ Login
  • Admin and user interface
  • Account secrecy
  • Payment Gateway
  • Review and feedback
  • Advertisement section
  • Google map integration
  • SMS alerts
  • Gallary
  • Discounts and offers

About CustomSoft:

CustomSoft is a leading Software Development company having expertise in development of customized software. CustomSoft is working for international clients from 20 different countries including US. UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, South Africa. Custom Soft has cost effective Software solutions in Healthcare, Insurance, Real Estate, Ecommerce, ERP, CRM and many more.

To know more about CustomSoft products and services contact CustomSoft:



To know more about CustomSoft:


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