Best App to order food online


Custom soft has extensive experience in building online portals. It makes us easy to understand client requirement and provide them innovative and most suitable solutions.

Online businesses like food ordering and Food processing are growing by huge numbers each day. With everything going digital and we help our clients in global practices to make everything fall into one place.

If you want your food business to stand the competition, it needs a significant opening. Your audience wants your word to be delivered right in the manner they need, they expect – something online and mobile. Hence, the idea of Online Food Portal comes in a picture.

There are three types of users in online food ordering portal:

  1. Admin

  2. Suppliers/Owners

  3. Front end user-Customer

List of features of online food ordering portal:

A) Admin

·        Content Management

·        Advertise Management

·        Location Management

·        Commission Management

·        Backup & Restore Database

·        Message to Customer/ Restaurants

·        Category Management

·        Change Password

·        Add, Edit & Delete to Almost Everything

·        Automatic short listing & Email Alerts to Registered Users

B) Suppliers/Owners

·        Manage Restaurant Menu

·        Message to Customer

·        Manage Opening days & Time

·        Manage Special Offers

·        Manage Delivery Areas

·        Customer Order Status

·        Multiple Payment Gateways

·        Multiple language Support

·        Social Media Engagement

·        Coupon Code generation

·        Social Networking Connectivity

·        Automatic short email listing for Newsletter Sending

C) Customer panel

·        Location-Based Search Parameter

·        Newsletter subscription and email notification system

·        Configure email setting and preference

·        Social networking connectivity

·        Reorder Any Previous Order

·        Track and Trace Orders

·        Tell a Friend Option

·        Multiple Online Payment Getaways

·        Secure Coupon Code Purchase

Business Benefits of online food ordering portal:

·        3 Easy Steps to Order for Your Customers

  • Manage Customer Requests

·        Get Paid Online

  • Respond To Orders Fast

  • Make Yourself Reachable

  • Build Your Brand

·        Multi Location Food Chains

·        Be a Part of Well-Managed Reporting

We at custom soft offer you the most convenient and conventional ways to take the orders customized to your business needs.


About Custom Soft:

Custom Soft, customize web and mobile app development company based in Pune, India. We work in countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Netherland, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore and Malaysia.

We have experience of working for industries like healthcare, Real estate, Retail, hospitality, insurance, E-learning, E-commerce, Social media. We have delivered 1000+ customize applications. We assure our clients highly customization, Reliability, timely delivery at lowest cost. We have achieved 100% client satisfaction in last few years.

Our technology expertise in: JAVA, PHP, .Net, Delphi, xojo, Joomla, ASP .Net, VB, VB.Net.

For free Demos, more information about our best of the E-commerce application and online ordering your application, contact us on:

You can follow our application:


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