Customized Bug Tracking Software

Custom-Soft Bug Tracking Software is a software application that keeps track of reported software bugs in software development projects. It is also regarding as a type of issue tracking system.

Custom-Soft Bug Tracking System is necessary component of a good software development infrastructure.

Custom-Soft running successfully with the principle of client satisfaction and high quality software.

Why organization need issue tracking software:

  • Some employees have too many issues to resolve while others have few.
  • Getting reports takes too long.
  • Managers don’t know the cost of resolving specific
  • Employees and managers waste too much time trying to find out problem.
  • Customers don’t know if their issue has been resolved
  • Employees don’t realize they’ve been assigned an issue
  • Management can’t tell who is working on what.

Custom-Soft ensure effective outsourcing partnerships with our globally located clients so as to fasten time to market, reduce the actual processing cost and automating their tasks, which helps them to devote remaining time for the core business activities.

Custom-Soft is providing high-quality, custom software development and many business related outsourcing services to industries and enterprises around world.

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