Custom-Soft Software Testing Services

Custom Soft Pune India based Software Company provides Software Testing Services

Software projects today are more complex than ever before. Custom-Soft Software testing is the process of evaluation of software item to detect differences between given input and expected output.

Spanning the globe working on the same program test methods are changing rapidly. A culture of quality in all parts of the organization is essential for success.

Software Testing assess the feature of software item. Testing assesses the quality of the product. Software testing is a process that should be done during the development process. Software testing is a verification and validation process.


  • Reduction of repetitive work
  • Ease of access to information about tests
  • Ease of access to information about testing
  • Objective assessment

Custom-Soft having expertise in Custom-Soft Software for Healthcare system, Custom-Soft review and rating system for restaurants, Custom-Soft Software for ERP, Custom-Soft Software for CRM,   Custom-Soft Software for EHS, Custom-Soft Software for CMS, Custom-Soft Software for EHR, Custom-Soft Software for E-learning, Custom-Soft Software for Ecommerce .

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