Custom-Soft Distance Learning Software

Some years ago it is hard do education. People have to go College, institutes and learn. But now with the help of this software any one can learn things they want. Custom-Soft offers You best Distance Learning Software.

This software is user friendly and any one can use it easily without difficulty. This System is divided into two parts first for Managers and another for users. It manages all activities Information Uploading, Data editing.

Custom Soft truly believes on client satisfaction and high quality of software. Clients from U.S., U.K. Canada, and Australia are also using Custom-Soft Distance Learning Software.

Features and Benefits of Custom-Soft:

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy Content Production
  • Content Edit and Delete Option
  • Upload Date facility
  • User friendly
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Best Software design
  • Attendance facility

Custom-Soft is Software Development Company based in India. Custom-Soft helps to maintain business by using Software developed by Custom-Soft.

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