Recruitment Portal by Custom-Soft India

Those days are gone where you can get jobs by reading advertisement in newspapers, visiting office personally, submitting handwritten resumes again many follow ups for feedback.. Nowadays, there is rat race in every professional field. Recruitment Portal developed by Custom Soft is dedicated for online information about employers as well as job seekers.

Online Recruitment Portal is the system where Job Seeker can search various jobs and apply for the same. Employers can also post the details of job requirements and Job description.

Modules of Custom Soft Job Portal system:

  1. Administrator : Admin can manage employer as well as job seekers.
  2. Employer :Employer can manage only his account and can see and download bio data of the candidates but cannot modify it
  3. Job Seeker: job seekers can see all the job vacancies and can apply as per their interest

Functionality of Custom Soft Job Portal system:

  • Admin can confirm or decline both the users- employer // job seeker
  • Admin will get user access status and usage especially for employers
  • Employer can post job description
  • Employer can see and download CVs of the candidates
  • Can send mass mail at a time to large number of people
  • Employer can save and sent various job templates as per requirement
  • Employer can sort and save shortlisted CVs
  • Employer can convert search into excel or pdf format
  • Job Seeker can manage his account, search and apply for various jobs

Benefits of Custom Soft Job Portal system”

Attractive UI

User Friendly

Time Saving

Large number of database available

Trusted account Management

Easy to manage accounts

Compatible with all devices

Cost Effective

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Accounting ERP Software developed by Custom Soft

Custom Soft Pune India based Software Company designed and introduced customized software for Accounting ERP .

Custom Soft is a offshore software development company in pune India implemented custom Software for Accounting ERP. This system is mainly designed for accounting purpose.

Custom Soft Accounting ERP Software helps to manage all accounting problems of Enterprise Resource Planning .Custom Soft is Offshore Software development company. Custom Soft delivers Accounting Software products used for Accounts, CRM, Logistics, Costing, Production, Business Intelligence, eServices.

Custom Soft Accounting ERP Software Benefits:

  • Good Decision making
  • Good productivity
  • Guaranteed accountability
  • Integrated with CRM as well as Ecommerce
  • Less IT costs
  • Dedicated support to meet your needs
  • Good software Design
  • Mobile Compatible

Custom Soft Provide Business solutions to specific domains like Insurance, Healthcare, Optician Industry, Shipping and Logistics, retail, real estate, and ecommerce.

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Clinical Software developed by Custom-Soft

Custom-Soft Pune India based Offshore Software Company developed customized Clinical Software.

Custom-Soft Clinical Software is designed for any type of Hospitals. Custom Soft is mainly focused on Clinical, back office and general day to day activities. Custom Soft a leading software company in India designed and developed Customized Clinical software.

Custom-Soft Clinical Software Features and benefits :

  • Online Patient Form
  • Enquiry and Registration
  • Doctor’s information
  • Feedback
  • Trusted Database Management
  • Patient Data Access
  • Date Management
  • Dedicated Support from team
  • Good Software Design
  • User Friendly
  • Mobile Compatible
  • Require Less manpower

Custom-Soft Pune Provide Business solutions to specific domains like Insurance, Healthcare, HR, Paper & Pulp, Optician Industry, Shipping and Logistics, retail, real estate, and ecommerce. Custom-Soft Pune India having expertise in Custom Healthcare system, review and rating system for restaurants.

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